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dog walker heywood waggy walks

"Andrea is the most amazing person to look after our babies (Frank & Dennis). She walks them and they stay over at her house with her babies from time to time. They get so excited when they see her and when I play them back the video clips she sends me they go mad for her voice and start looking for her. That says everything to me! She treats them as we do and loves them! She is firm but fair and is experienced and trained to manage them if they are naughty! Which I'm sure they are at times! We couldn't manage without her. She is very trustworthy and extremely reliable. We've needed her last minute on occasions and it's never too much trouble for her. She's always there for them on time and has them out for the time we pay for. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Andrea and her services to anyone."

Liane & Lee

dog walker bury waggy walks

"Andrea is amazing , she came to our house to meet out Oscar a few weeks before we went away. She was fantastic with him and it was easy to see her love of dogs. Oscar immediately loved her back and I could tell my beautiful boy was going to be in good hands but most of all happy whilst we were away. Andrea had a key to our house and came and took him out for a lovely long walk on the days we had booked. She even took videos and photos and sent them to us in Florida to reassure us Oscar gets treated like one of her own. We have re-booked Andrea a few times since and would definitely recommend her services to anyone wanting their dogs as well looked after as there owners would."

Jo Horner

dog boarding rochdale waggy walks

"Thank you so much for looking after Lilly and Alfie and treating them like your own babies! They absolutely love staying with you guys ... their confidence has improved 10x and a lot more sociable ❤❤❤ It took me so long to find someone responsible and reliable enough that I can trust with my babies and I'm so glad I found you!! ❤ now I don't know what I'd do without you !! 😓 xxxx."

Tannaz Mo

dog boarding heywood waggy walks

"Binky stayed with Andrea and her family whilst we were on holiday for a week over Christmas. Binky had a great time! Shae had lots of walks and cuddles and even had a Christmas dinner. Whilst we were on holiday we were sent loads of pictures of Binky on walks, playing with the other dogs and fast asleep in front of the fire. I would highly recommend Andrea to everyone. Binky had a fantastic time! Thank you."


dog boarding heywood waggy walks

"Fantastic Service! I booked our Schnauzer, Reggie in for a week of walks...he loved it! Great value for money, would definitely recommend Andrea's business to other dog owners and I will certainly be booking again! Reggie has walked his little socks off. One happy customer and an even happier dog! Thanks Again!"

Claire Smithies

dog boarding bury waggy walks

"We have two 'boys' Bruce and Reggie' - Andrea is superb with them and we can't thank her enough. She is loving and caring and has also helped us better understand how to get the best from them - especially Bruce who is a Cairn Terrier!
She also goes that extra mile - ensuring that the lights are on at home in the winter and feeding the boys before she leave."

Karen Reynolds

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